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"The Most Published Original Monologues For Actors"
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"The Most Published Original Monologues For Actors"



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I'd like to personally welcome you to GlennAlterman.com.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  GlennAlterman.com contains some information about myself, the courses that I'm presently offering, and the purchasing links for my books.  I believe that every actor is unique with specific needs.  It is for that reason that I primarily offer coaching and consultation sessions, not group classes.  I feel that one-on-one coaching and consultations is far more effective for this kind of work.  It's also less time consuming (and less expensive).  Occasionally however, I do run small workshops.  The dates and times of these workshops will be listed on this site as they are scheduled.

Please feel free to browse my web site at your convenience and contact me with any questions that you have.


LATEST BOOKS BY GLENN ALTERMAN (see below for more info...)


  • The monologues are rated according to the content of material. 
    Monologues are rated “R”, “PG”,  & “G”, depending on the content. Each is categorized by genre: “Dramatic”, Comedic”, Serio-Comedic.
  • Each monologue has an exact running time.
    You’ll know how long the piece runs in minutes and seconds.
  • The best venues for each monologue is suggested.
    Monologues are categorized according to: Theater auditions, agents office audition, film/TV auditions; even for classroom work.
  • A chapter is included that explains everything you need to know to prepare for all monologue auditions.
  • This book offers monologues from Alterman’s award-winning, published plays as well as original pieces for all auditions.
  • There is large selection of one-minute monologues.
  • Each monologue tells a complete story with a beginning middle and end, an emotional arc, and a wide range of emotions to showcase an actors talent.

"This is Glenn’s 10th book of monologues and as an actor himself, he clearly knows what works and doesn’t. Monologues have to have a beginning, middle and end – some kind of story to it – and each one definitely has that.

At the beginning of the book, he’s got a primer on how to prepare for monologues: What’s the best way to find your piece and how to memorize it.
He also deals with the question of should you write a character bio. And, if you do, he’s got 21 questions to ask yourself when you do.

He gives you all the tools to help you deliver the best performance you can give. The book has 37 monologues for women and 37 for men, all very good!"

Lance Carter- The Daily Actor


Monologues for Every Audition

Dlenn Alterman 5 stars
"Are you–or someone you know–an aspiring playwright? If the answer is yes, RUN, do not walk, to the nearest bookstore and get a copy of this book. It’ll be the best $$ you could ever spend to help your cause. It contains a mind-boggling assortment of goodies–... This book should tell you anything-and-everything you ever wanted to know about writing a 10-minute play"

Kelly Ferjutz, The San Francisco/Sacramento Reviews.
To read the whole review.

This book is written for the beginning or seasoned playwright, as well as for actors (or anyone) wishing to attempt their first ten-minute play. Every aspect of writing a ten-minute play is covered, from perking with an idea, to starting the play, to developing it, to effective rewriting, to completing it, even to how to get the most out of readings of your play once youve finished it. Writing the 10-Minute Play also reveals the best ways to market your play and includes an extensive listing of ten-minute play contests. The guide contains many in-depth interviews with international playwrights who have had substantial success with their ten-minute plays, as well as publishers of ten-minute plays and producers of ten-minute play festivals. Included as well are several award-winning ten-minute plays, followed by a discussion by the respective playwrights on how they went about creating their play, from start to finish. The final chapter offers tips and suggestions from artistic directors of ten-minute play festivals and from well-known playwrights whose ten-minute plays have received awards and publishing deals.

“A short episode can tell quite the story. "Writing the 10-Minute Play" is a guide for those who want to produce these short episodes of fiction to be acted quickly and efficiently, and tell the story they seek. With plenty of examples and solid advice for general success in theatrical production... "Writing the 10-Minute Play" is a strong addition to any collection for writing collections focusing on stage acting, highly recommended.”

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers

Writing the 10-Minute Play by Glenn Alterman
An Actor's Guide Making It in New York City (Second Edition)

An Actor's Guide Making It in New York City by Glenn Alterman


"Secrets to Successful Cold Readings"

Glenn Alterman's latest work. The most comprehensive book ever written on cold readings (from Smith and Kraus)  

Advice from one of America's premiere monologue and audition coaches and author of 15 best-selling acting and original monologue books.

"While there are countless books for actors devoted to finding and preparing the perfect audition monolog, few have been written on the topic of cold reading, a skill equally important in the working actor's life. Alterman, playwright and author of many popular monolog books, addresses the special challenges of cold readings in this comprehensive how-to guide.
…Structurally, much of the text is in list form, as Alterman covers the dos and don'ts of cold reading in various audition situations ranging from theater to daytime television.
…The book excels at placing artistic concepts within the actual audition process, providing a valuable resource for actors confronting new and unfamiliar audition situations.

…An added highlight is Alterman's inclusion of interviews with many top casting directors. Recommended for all theater collections and for performing arts collections in public and academic libraries.

-- Katherine Litwin - Library Journal

"101 Original One-Minutes Monologues" from Smith and Kraus   

Sixty Seconds To Shine!

101 Original Monologues offers

  • both men's and women's monologues
  • a large variety of material and of subject matter
  • wide emotional range (dramatic and comedic)
  • different socio-economic types
  • fascinating characters, engaging stories varied levels of acting intensity (suitable for actors of all experience)


"Glenn Alterman-- himself an accomplished playwright screenwriter, and actor--- has written a comprehensive manual for anyone interested in preparing and producing their own solo performance piece. Well organized and clearly written."
- Library Journal
"Of the very few books that will tell you how to create a monologue, the best is Creating Your Own Monologue."
- Backstage

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